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VNGuide is mobile app with full information, about cultural, arts & lifestyle of all destinations
in Vietnam. This app is perfect for you to discover beauty & artistic facts of lands & destinations.
VNGuide is mobile app with full information, about cultural, arts & lifestyle of all destinations in Vietnam. This app is perfect for you to discover beauty & artistic facts of lands & destinations.
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About VNGuide

VNGuide is the tourism mobile application, purposing to optimize visitor’s experiences in destinations, by correct and concise information with creative visuals, in context of Cultural, Art & Historical facts. VnGuide provide full contents, images, videos and 360 – visual product in ONE app, for all destinations in Vietnam, multilanguages along with logic structure in both contents, visuals & UX/UI.

Why VNGuide?


Data access & accuracy

The content is accurate, approved by authorized Board; immediate – accessible anywhere, anytime…


Content diversity

Beside texts, we provide VR Tour Experience, Video 360 and Audio Guide…


Premium information

Easy to update, save and access whenever needed, diversity in fields: tourism, cuisine, culture or history.



Currently available in English and Vietnamese, but we’re building platform & content for Korean and Chinese as well, to be friendlier with users.

VR Tour

For best perspective at actual destinations, with unlimited view angles.

Video 360

Record 360 degree vision at destination at the same time.

Audio Guide

Receive full info easily by automatic audio guide from native speaker’s voices.

Automatic maps & guides

The app will help you to direct, measure the distance to pick the best one for your itinerary.

Save & see

You may access to your favourite destination in anytime, any day…


VnGuide app works with Wifi, 3G and 4G; users may access information immediately, with extremely beautiful landscape photos, friendly app and to view 360 Video, Virtual Reality 360, Audio Guide,… anytime of the day. Besides, you can scan information via QR Code at destination to find out more, then to enhance deeper knowledge at relics & heritage sites.


We provide to you full diversity information at every destination, along with appropriate generated tour schedule.

Hotels – Restaurants

The most updated, best deal offers will be shown, with good price & premium qualities, which’re feedbacks from previous visitors.

Utilities – Entertainment

They’re important information, as we will keep updating with the concise & useful contents & visual.

Frequently Concerns

They are free app for normal users, as you can directly download app from Apple Store or CHPlay, it functions normall to discover Vietnam’s destinations. However, with more premium add – ons, such as Audio Guide or VR Tour, you may have to pay, depending on the locations.

For now, 4 languages: English, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese (EN and VI has already been developed). We’re updating our data everyday, so let’s wait and see…

VnGuide is actually a system of macro information, as you can find anythings, relating to history and tourism on here, in most updatest platforms (360 photos, 3D Technologies and Video 360), along with Audio Guide with local contents but native’s voice over.

Beside information relating to destinations & heritage sites, VNGuide provides full information about local hobits, cultural differences  & urgent numbers, along with ‘Where to Stay’ categories and Food options.

Firstly, VnGuide is free with trusted data, along with most updated, modern technology to provide best experiences for users. This is the mobile application supporting tourism purpose, in context of Culture & Art.

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